one-to-one lesson = CZK 300 (60 min)
group lesson (usually two people) = CZK 200 (60 min) each
companies = CZK 350 (60 min)
other – by individual arrangement

Translating and interpreting

regular translations – from CZK 280/NS
certified translations – from CZK 350/NS
interpreting – from CZK 350/h
weddings – 1 500 Kč (interpreting, stamps, speech, travel costs)


by individual arrangement – from CZK 150/NS

All prices are only approximate only. Each order is unique and the final price is determined on the basis of the nature and expertise of the translation. The price for regular translations is set for 1 standard page (NS).
1 standard page (NS) = 1.800 characters (with spaces).
If needs be, I can set a price per source word.

I am not VAT registered.